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Caring for you lamp and projector properly will help ensure you get the best from them. Always ensure there is good airflow around and through your projector and that it is kept as dirt and dust free as possible. Check air filters regularly and clean or replace where necessary. Using your projectors economy mode, if it has one, should extend lamp life. Before moving your projector ensure that it has been allowed to cool thoroughly.


Please bear in mind quoted lamp life is only an estimate based on information supplied by the manufacturers.


How do I know my lamp needs changing? – Some projectors allow you to check the number of hours usage you have had from your lamp; also metal halide lamps will begin to dim near the end of their life.


AV Lamps supply replacement lamp modules – a complete unit designed to be user replaceable. If you need any assistance when replacing your lamp please give us a call.


It is very important that manufacturers instructions regarding cooling, removal and replacement of lamps are adhered to - if you are unsure please contact us for advice.


When fitting your replacement lamp avoid touching any glass parts unless using a soft cloth or gloves.


If you are unsure of how to dispose of your old lamp responsibly and safely you are welcome to sent it to us for safe disposal using the packaging you receive with your replacement lamp.


If you need any help at all just give us a call.







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